Cotton dress

She does like a good girl should
She doesn’t drink at the town well
She just watches the boys pass by
Filled with aching want for the heartaches yet to come
Each heartbeat sending waves across her skin
And she falls apart but does so with carefully
Desire explodes inside her chest
A blood red carnation flower
She’s crimson satin, she’s impure
Her lips are not strangers to the taste of temptations yielded to
In the grass covered in midnight dew
On a black night, chastity crumbles
She lets it happen, lets them take her apart right there
And the way home is solitary
But the fields know her deeds
Whisper them to her, tying her stomach in knots
A confused, mysterious smile dresses her mouth
The bonfire burns behind her now
Surrounded by rowdy, drunk, town boys boasting.