The lion roars so

Lesser beasts might know that he

Is so insecure


Take another pill

Escape your boring life to

False utopia


Start talking to me

Let me know what you’re feeling

Then I won’t listen


When one goes so does

The other to a brighter

Place with swimming pools


I don’t like my things

I used to like them, but now

I want some new things


Everything you want

You buy so that you’ll become

Everything you’re not


Someday we won’t think

That the economy can

Tell us what to think


Save the world today

Save trees, save fish, save air, then

Someone else wrecks it


My mother told me

It really wasn’t that bad

But of course, it was


Twinkling in my ears,

Saturating my psyche

Releasing my day


Not once have you called

While all day I spend here

Staring at the phone


Too far back a thought

Remains in my dusty soul

Awaiting a spark


My eyes sparkled bright

But my heart knew much better

As it turned to ice


It’s not all so bad

You are not really dying

It just feels that way


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